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SideCart designs inspirational spaces and objects for people.

SideCart believes that successful design centres objectives on people and their relationship with the environments in which they live. We are driven by a deep-seated knowledge that architecture and design can heavily influence our thinking and day to day interactions.

We have learned through experience and collaboration that innovation arises out of unique challenges, and the process which is in place to address and resolve these challenges. Our integrated design methodology ensures that peripheral vision and project focus is maintained.

SideCart’s integrated approach to design and understanding of cutting edge technologies stems from significant project experience throughout Australia in Education, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Recreation portfolios, at up to $120 million in project value. Taking a collaborative approach with significant consultation means projects need not be high in cost to deliver significant value to the end user.

A young company with a qualified and experienced team, SideCart is well-placed to provide innovative design solutions, challenge convention and deliver client-focussed results.

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