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Bedside Tables

Designed by Simon Dyer and handcrafted by Roger Dyer, these bedside tables were commissioned as a wedding gift.

Chosen for its grain, colour and structural stability in the thin sections required, the Kauri pieces were carefully matched to flow around the box and matched drawer fronts. The end result is aesthetically pleasing with no visible end grain on the box carcass.

Other timbers include Gidgee (Acacia cambadgei) drawer handles – hand mortised into the fronts – and the aromatic Himalayan Cedar (Cedar deodar) for the drawer bottoms. The tables were finished with Scandinavian Oil and paste wax.

Photography by Urban Safari

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  • John

    These are amazing! Are they for sale?

    • sidecart

      Hi John! These particular ones sit either side of our bed but there have been a few requests for further production :) I’ll let you know if/when that happens.

  • Nicole

    I am also interested to know if these are going to reproduced. I am very interested in getting a set like this for myself if it is possible.

    • sidecart

      Hi Nicole, thanks for your interest.
      Yes of course, we would be happy to make another set to order!
      We custom design and manufacture all types of furniture and we can do different timber selections also. If you have a preference colours of timbers which differ from the set pictured then just send us a picture of the timber colours or species you prefer and we will endeavour to match it.

      The cost of these custom drawers is $1,650 incl. GST for the pair.
      Custom furniture orders require that you pay half upfront and half on pick up.

      Please contact Simon at or 0407735055 to place an order.

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